There have been a lot of photographers who love shooting indoors and there are photographers who are focused on having an outdoor shoot. The portrait is kind of photography that requires strict lightings, tender backdrops, some makeup of course, and many other factors are to be fulfilled as well. Here, we shall discuss some tips and techniques about improving the outdoor portrait photography’s so that one can bring out the best from their camera.

1.    Focus points- Choosing the focus points while doing an outdoor portrait is an important job. But, while doing outdoor portrait, never select all the focus points, rather select one. Going autofocus is a bad option in outdoor portraits. Being able to control the focus point by going manual will enhance the portrait and will give out better results than autofocus.

2.    50mm or 70mm- Any focal length that is below 70mm will distort the subject that you are focusing on. The compression effect of that lens increases the blur and the bokeh. Outdoor portraits must be done in 70mm or above.

3.    The RAW format- This format is totally an unmodified version of the sensor data during the time of exposure. With the RAW format, you can make a vast range of edits to the portrait before creating the JPG format.

4.    Direct sunlight? NO! – Direct sunlight gives a very harsh effect to the portrait by creating hard directional shadows and unbalanced white balance. Shoot must be done in the shade to avoid such misconducts in the portrait.

5.    The cloudy day- Not bad idea at all. These cloudy smoky textures in the portrait will look smooth and will also help the portrait in enriching the colors and also makes some pleasing shadows.

6.    Focus the Eye- Focusing the eye is always a good idea to have a good portrait. When you start shooting by focusing on the eyes, the lens’s bokeh will aid softening the skin as well.

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